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Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Borrowing a Box of Samples from the Collection

Samplings of the collection are available to handweavers' guilds and/or individual members for stimulation and study for a period of three months. There is a fee of $25 per study box to cover shipping plus the cost of maintaining the Collection. To initiate receiving a box, contact the Guild via e-mail and print and mail the the order form.

Santa Cruz Handweaver Guild members will find the Study Boxes in the Guild Library.

Each box contains a small number (5-10) of samples and/or finished pieces plus documentation of each piece, comments and information about the techniques and a little about Anne's study of them (if known); a list of all the pieces in this particular grouping in the collection and comments of other borrowers about the pieces.

The groupings in the collection may be by technique, by geography/time period, or by a period of weaving in Anne's life. Here are the groupings with the names of the guild members who organized each particular study box in brackets:

Clicking on the textile group will bring up a page describing the group of textiles, from which you can access the list of contents of the study box.

  • Scandinavian Techniques
  • Household cloth (upholstery, drapery, etc.)
  • Emery samples, woven for the book The Primary Structures of Fabrics
  • Tablet Weaving
  • Sprang, Bronze Age Textiles
  • Collapse
  • Peruvian Techniques
  • Bands and Braids (Roggeband, Mobius bands, Peruvian braids)
  • Flat Braids (Assomption Sash, Scandinavian Garters)
  • Reciprocal-shed Weaves (Hopi wedding sash, Amazonian wristlet)
  • Workshop samples, Peruvian bands & braids

  • A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild

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