Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection



Cat. #		Description		            Size

Bands that can be woven on a two-harness or rigid heddle loom.

B-1		Mobius woven band	            3.75" W, 18.5" L (excluding
		white wool			    fringe), fringe 1.5" L

B-2		Mobius woven band	            4" W, 22.25" L
		white wool with narrow
		blue stripe

B-3		Interconnecting double ring         each ring 3.75" W, 27" L
		white wool

B-4		Inkle band		            2" W, 6' 1" L, (ex. fringe)
		green, old gold, brown,	            fringe 3.25" & 3.50"
		tan, blue, black wool

B-5		Inkle band		            1-7/8" W, 6' L (ex. fringe)
		dk. blue, lt. blue, white,	    fringe 4" & 5"
		yellow, red, lt. green,
		pink, black wool

B-6		Roggeband		            1.75" W, 64.75" L (ex. fringe)
		dk. brown & red-brown wool	    fringe 3.75" & 3.50"
		dk. gold nylon
A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Barbara Boone

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