Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Catalog of Deflected Warp Study Box

Cat. #		Description	                                     Size

Deflected Warp Group - Includes Leno and Other Techniques

HH-DW 1  Scarf, pale lime & avocado green wool warp, yellow           6" X 70"
         cotton weft, deflected warp weave in the warp stripes

HH-DW 2  Scarf, woven by Hilary Chetwynd; fine dark blue cotton      11.5" X 50"
         warps with fine supplementary space dyed turquoise 
         through dark blue warps.  Doup leno weave, supplementary
         warps only are deflected.  

HH-DW 3  Sample, from Hilary Chetwynd. Fine green silk warp,         12" X 10" 
         fine teal silk weft; leno structure, oval patterns;
         Mounted in cardboard strip with Chetwynd I.D.
HH-DW 4  Sample, from Hilary Chetwynd. Fine light blue and brown      7" X 10"
         warps in warp faced stripes; fine pale ecru weft; leno
         pattern weave;  Mounted in cardboard strip

HH-DW 5  Sample, linen(?) white warp, bands of white and brown        7" X 13"
         weft; alternating float weave; sewing machine stitched      
         so that 6 samples could be cut from it; one is cut out.

HH-DW 6  Sample, brown, gold, cream synthetic warps, synthetic        5" X 2.5"
         gold wefts; section (1) is a twill derivative with gold 
         3-span wefts; section (2) is an alternating float weave.

HH-DW 7  Sample, beige linen, leno. Woven by Fritzi (friend of        4.5" X 6"

HH-DW 8  Sample, white linen, deflected supplementary warps,          6.5" X 5"
         no selvages (possibly also woven by Fritzi).


Irene Emery, The Primary Structures of Fabrics, 2nd edition (Watson-Guptill
   Publications, New York, reprinted 1995)

Hella Skowronski and Sylvia Tacker, Doup Leno, Shuttle Craft Guild
  Monograph Thirty-Two, 1980.

A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild

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