Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection


Measurements are of collapsed sizes, not stretched out.
Cat #     Description		              	                 Size

Catalog #'s 5-6 are woven by Mary Frame, who was inspired by Anne's experiments 
and has pursued the collapse technique extensively in her research.

 5      Scarf, white mohair singles, Z spun                      7" x 54"

 6      Sample, mohair stripes of beige Z handspun, thin        13" x 25"
          S plied, and black looped 2-ply handspun; weft   
          is thin S plied beige wool 

The following are Anne's samples, working out the "Ace Bandage", a Peruvian
elastic crepe piece she found in the De Young Museum in the early 60's.

10        2 Samples, merino wool, Peruvian elastic crepe                          
   a         washed                                              4.5" x 6"
   b         not washed                                          4.5" x 9"

11 a      Sample of the Ace Bandage, alpaca,                     6.5" x 5"
          Z warps, Z wefts, 3 cut edges

A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Susan Moore-Orrett.

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Updated January 2003