Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Catalog of Household Textiles Group - Integrated Compound Weaves Study Box

Cat. #		Description	                                       Size

HH-CW 1  Swatch, red, black & grey wool, supplementary weft           4.5" X 5"
         pattern areas on striped warp face ground; handwritten
         label "Formosa, Tarjal [?] Tribe"

HH-CW 2  Sample, gold and green synthetics, supplementary wefts of   12.5" X 25"
         jute on a plain weave, warp faced ground, similar pattern
         to HH-CW 1

HH-CW 4  Sample, shades of cream, synthetic yarns and vegetal         6.5" X 8"
         fibers, rayon supplementary weft floats on tabby ground

HH-CW 5  Sample, purple cotton 2-ply warp, yellow vegetal weft,       4.5" X 25"
         single and 2-ply; studies of compound weaves. End sample
         is weave of HH-CW 9.

HH-CW 8  Upholstery sample, alternating beige and green synthetic     8" X 4"
         warps, gold synthetic warps, gold synthetic weft; tabby
         ground weave with 3-span weft floats in alternating 
         alignment on face in same color.

HH-CW 9  Upholstery sample, alternating beige with green and          9" X 17"
         brown synthetic warps; brown warp paired with thin red 
         linen singles; thick red singles linen weft; same weave
         as HH-CW 8.

HH-CW 10 Upholstery sample, alternating 2-ply jute and thin yellow    8" X 13"
         synthetic warps; green and gold synthetic wefts. Three
         studies: (1) green weft, 2/1 twill; (2) two wefts, green 
         on face, gold on back, alternating 3-span wefts, no tabby;
         (3) gold on face, green on back, beaten lighter so that 
         warps show, appears to be 50/50 fabric.

HH-CW 11 Sample, black, natural and bleached jute, loose 3-ply       10" X 7"
         warp; 3 ply natural weft; 2/2 twill center section,
         tabby edges 1/5" wide each; weft floats across the back
         of tabby areas-spiraling weft?

HH-CW 12 Sample, red thick and thin singles linen warp and weft;      7.5" X 25"
         one section weft is thin only; integrated plain weave.

HH-CW 13 Sample, natural jute and yellow 3-ply synthetic warps       18" X 18"
         alternately threaded; single ply shiny synthetic lime and
         yellow wefts alternately in tabby; Supplementary 3/1 weft
         floats offset diagonally of thick single ply vegetal fiber. 

A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Anita Dyer.

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