Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Catalog of Household Textiles Group - Interesting Weaves Study Box

Cat. #		Description	                                       Size

The cataloger found something of interest in each of these otherwise unrelated

HH-IW-1  Piece of cut fabric, both warp and weft: alternating        16" X 31"
         pale blue rayon ribbon and two fine 2-ply slub 
         rayon threads.

HH-IW-2  Sample, warp: fine, stiff, cream synthetic; weft 2-ply       8.5" X 16"
         and unspun rayon(?), fine flat metallic thread in first,
         unspun rayon and metallic tape in upper in tabbey;
         3/2 Weft half.

HH-IW-3  Fabric scrap, handspun brown wool warp, brown and white      7" X 15"
         handspun wefts, some of the white wefts float over
         two, under two, in pattern sequences with tabby. 

HH-IW-4  Upholstery fabric triangular cut swatch, double weave,      10" X 11"
         checker-board type pattern, warps: fine 2-ply cotton 
         in rust and bronze green; wefts: thicker 2-ply white
         cotton and fine 2-ply lime cotton (same type as warp).

HH-IW-5A Color and Weave sample, warp and weft are bleached white     7.25" X 6"
         and natural grey linens, very slubby

      5B Color and Weave sample, same warps and wefts as 5A           7.25" X 7"
         adding copper metalic threads in both.

HH-IW-6  Textured yarns sample with areas of weft loops,              6.5" X 7.5"
         linen warps: fine grey 2-ply, 2-ply medium weight yellow, 
         single-ply thicker yellow green and moss green; linen
         weft: fine natural grey 2-ply linen, over-twisted (same
         as that of the warp). Pattern is vertical rows of loops.

HH-IW-7  Textured yarns sample with areas of weft loops.              6.5" X 9"
         Same warps and wefts as IW-6. Pattern is blocks of

HH-IW-8  Textured yarns sample with areas of weft loops.              6.5" X 10.5"
         Same warps and wefts as IW-6. Pattern is horizontal
         blocks of loops.

HH-IW-9  Plain and Basket weaves sample, singles rust linen warp     17" X 16.5"
         in 2 sizes, thin in plain weave area, thick in basket 
         weave area; weft is two types: natural linen same size
         as thin rust linen warp for about 3 inches; then
         a plied cream colored linen, slightly finer for 
         remaining 13 + inches.

HH-IW-10 Upholstery fabric, rust vegetal warp; gold synthetic        24" X 28"
         weft; pattern of basically tabby, with wefts doubled
         seemingly randomly, at the beginning of vertical
         columns of weft floats over 3 warps.

HH-IW-11 Theo Moorman technique sample, ground weave: plied          12" X 13"
         white cotton and finer brown linen warps, very fine
         natural grey linen singles wefts; pattern weft: 
         thicker singles linen in cream, moss green and brown.

HH-IW-12 Theo Moorman technique sample, same warp for ground         12" X 12" 
         weave as IW-11; pattern weft: thicker singles linen 
         in yellow and  moss green.

A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Anita Dyer.

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