Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Catalog of Peruvian Textiles Group

 Cat #    Description                                          Size

  1		Plain Weave, natural brown & white wool,     10"x12"
		"S" & "Z" twist stripes

  2		Huck sampler, taupe and gold, synthetic      16.5"x42

  3	        Huck sampler, linen, lt taupe/dk taupe        3"x8"   
  4             Huck sampler, synthetic brown and white       8"x11'

  5		Huck scarf-replica of Peruvian textile,       5.5" x34"
	        brown & white wool     	

  6-A		Sample of supplementary warp & weft,
       		  natural brown & white wool                  9"x12"	
  6-B		Sample of supplementary warp & weft,
		  natural brown & white wool	              8.5x12"

  6-C           Sample of duplication of 6-A by Gina          8"x15.5"
                  Hartzell, fine natural white and red
                  handspun wool from Anne

  6-D           Sample in 6-A technique by Harry Linder       3.5"x5"
                  natural white and brown cotton, 2 pieces     each
                  one white on brown, other brown on white 

  7-A		Shawl, natural brown & white wool, blocks    12"x69"
                  of brown or white long warp floats
  7-B           Two samples, red & white wool, blocks of     
                  red or white long warp floats, unwashed     7"x7"
                  (woven by Gina Hartzell)       washed       6.5"x9"  

  8		Band, waffle weave sampler, 
	          natural grey wool                           4"x39"

 10		Band section, beige, brown & dk red wool,
      		  pebble weave         		              5.5"x9"
 11-1		Gauze sample, white wool	             15"x32"

 11-2		Gauze ruana, white wool		 	     30"x52"

 11-3		Gauze wall hanging, blue & red cotton 
            	  warp, white synthetic weft                 17.5"x34"

 11-4		Gauze weave throw, black, grey, white,
	          alpaca                                     26.5"x47"

A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Sandie Shoemaker.

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