Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

                      PERUVIAN TEXTILES STUDY BOX
Cat #		Description			             Size

 5	      "Huck" scarf, replica of Coastal Peruvian
		textile, brown and white wool                5.5"x34"

 6-A	      Sample of supplementary warp and weft,
     		natural brown and white wool                 9"x12"	

 6-C          Duplication of 6-A by Gina Hartzell,           8"x15.5"
                fine natural white and red wool from 
                Anne's flock
 6-D          Duplication of 6-A by Harry Linder,            3.5"x5"   
                natural white and brown cotton;               each
                2 samples, white on brown and brown
                on white

 7            Scarf, natural brown and white wool,          12"x69"
                color blocks in long warp floats, 

11-D	      Gauze weave throw, black, grey, white,
	        alpaca                                      26.5"x47"


A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Sandie Shoemaker.

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