Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

Catalog of Sprang Group

Cat. #		Description		                       Size

H-1     Hopi Wedding Sash, in progress. with shed             2" X 44"
          sticks, center unfinished, interlaced 3/3
          cotton string

R-1     Replica of a Bronze Age Skirt (not-sprang)           100" X 15"
          Dark brown handspun wool cardwoven heading

R-2     Sprang textile, dark brown fine handspun wool,        20" X 20"
          single ply, interlinked with rows of 
          S and Z twist                     

R-3     Sprang bonnet, 2 ply fine brown wool,                 11" X 22"
          ends gathered on cord, intertwined

R-4     Sprang sample, Single ply handspun brown              14-1/2" X 12" 
          wool, interlinked, rows of S and Z

M-1     2 interconnected spranged circular bands,              2" X 30" each
          Brown chenille is Mobius shaped, grey
          chenile is plain shaped, transposed through
          a long shed of the brown band, interlinked

The next four are all continuous warps

M-2     Mobius sprang, olive green 2 ply raw silk,            29" X 35" 
          interlinked                                         Twisted Tube

M-3     Mobius sprang, red orange wool, springy,              29" X 35"
          twice plied, interlinked                            Twisted Tube

M-4     Mobius sprang, red (cochineal?) handspun              23" twisted tube
          wool, fine 2 ply, interlinked  

M-5     Mobius sprang, light yellow wool, handspun            27" twisted tube
          singles, interlinked      

S-1     Sprang scarf, purple, orange and pink, soft           10" X 81"
          yarn (knitting?), two different weights, 
          interlinked, fringed ends

S-2     Double layered sprang, Purple and red coarse          11" X 19"
          wool, intertwined

S-3     Sprang sample, natural white, twice plied             11-l/2 X 10"
          wool, interlinked with rows S and Z twist          

S-4     Chenille sprang, orange and brown, different           5" X 13" 
          techniques to create holes, vertical color 
          bars, etc. 

S-5     Double layered sprang, blue and red 3 ply             11" X 29"
          linen, interlinked, Z twist, two layers             width expands
          interconnected, ends not finished                   to 32" 

S-6     Sprang sample, orange silk or rayon 2 ply,             6" X 9"

S-7     Sprang sample, handspun natural white singles          2-1/2" X 15"
          wool, reverse twists to create diamond 

S-8     Sprang tubular net, two separate but joined           47" X 16"
          warps side by side, orange and natural
          white handspun singles, overspun, very loose
          interlinking, probably displayed with warp 

S-9     Sprang tubular net, dark indigo cotton string,        50" X 17" 
          loose interlinking 

S-10    Sprang tubular net, natural white raw silk,            8" X 22"
          loose interlinking 

S-11    Sprang tube, handspun blue, purple, orange             6" X 13"
          wool, interlinking

S-12    Sprang belt, black and light blue twice plied          6" X 38"
          wool, interlinked, with handmade silver

S-13    Sprang band, natural brown 2 ply handspun wool         4-8" X 16" 
          and natural white 2 ply handspun cotton,             Continuous Warp   
          interlinked and intertwined areas; variations
          in structure cause variation in width                     
S-14    Sprang cap, tubular warp natural brown and            22" circum.
          white 2 ply handspun wool, interlinked               8" depth
S-15    Sprang narrow band, unfinished, orange and             4" X 22"
          dark green, twice plied wool, interlinked            (spranged part

S-16    Sprang hanging, two layers, Multiple Fabric           15" X 46"
          wool, black and white, interlinked, 
          originally had wooden hoop in center,
          after Collingwood article, 1963.

S-17    Sprang sample, light yellow and olive cotton,          3" X 21"
          unfinished, 2 shed sticks holding place  

S-18    Possibly sprang sample, one half only, orange          3" X 10-1/4"
          and yellow jute type fiber, 2 ply, 

S-19    Sprang band orange, yellow & natural jute type         3" X 68"
          fiber, 2 ply, interlacing    

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Keeper of the Box: Wendy Stolins.