Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection

                                 SPRANG STUDY BOX

Cat. #		Description		                       Size

M-3     Mobius sprang, red orange wool, springy               29" twisted tube 
          twice plied, interlinked                       

R-2     Sprang textile, dark brown fine handspun wool,        20" X 20"
          single ply, interlinked with rows of 
          S and Z twist                     

S-2     Double layered sprang, Purple and red coarse          11" X 19"
          wool, intertwined

S-4     Chenille sprang, orange and brown, different           5" X 13" 
          techniques to create holes, vertical color 
          bars, etc. 

S-7     Sprang sample, handspun natural white singles          2-1/2" X 15"
          wool, reverse twists to create diamond 

S-13    Sprang belt, natural brown and white 2 ply             4" X 16" 
          handspun wool, interlinked    

S-14    Sprang cap, tubular warp natural brown and            22" circum.
          white 2 ply handspun wool, interlinked               8" depth

A project of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild
Keeper of the Box: Wendy Stolins.

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Updated November, 2003