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Papers of the Anne Blinks Textile Study Collection are available for borrowing by members of handweavers' guilds and researchers. You may request a paper via email but a minimum fee of $5.00 each must be received before a paper will be mailed. Overseas mailing will include a factor for the extra cost. Loan period is one month from postal date, to be returned in same or similar envelope. The actual monograph, offprint or photograph will not be loaned, but a photocopy of it instead. When you email your request, the response will include the address for mailing your fee.


[Ancient Scandinavian weavings, techniques]: photocopies from printed pages 
  showing diagrams for warp weighted loom weaving, cardweaving, sprang, 
  braiding, slings, and clothing. 14 pp., no author, title nor date.
Collingwood, Peter, Sprang, Revival of an Ancient Technique, Handweaver &
  Craftsman, vol. 15, No. 2 (Spring 1964) pp. 6-9.

-----, A Three-dimensional Hanging, Quarterly Journal of the Guilds of
  Weavers, Spinners and Dyers No. 48 (December 1963) pp.566, plus plate of
  "Hanging Form".
Henshall, Audrey S., "Note on an Early Stocking in `Sprang' Technique Found 
  Near Micklegate Bar, York", Ann. Report & Trans. Yorkshire Philosophical
  Society, pp. 22-24 (1950).

Johnson, Irmgard Weitlander, Twine-Plaiting: A Historical, Technical, and
  Comparative Study, M.A. Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1950.  
  A very complete survey of information on "sprang" including document
  sheets on several textiles found in various parts of the world, a long
  bibliography and 35 plates of photos and diagrams from various publications.
  The plates have handwritten figure captions, noting the source of each
  figure. [2 copies, one incomplete]

Ottaviana, Ida de, "Metodos del Tejido Tacana", El Instituto Linguistico
  de Verano, Riberalta, Bolivia, 1974, 17 pp. [Sprang bags woven by east
  Andean people] translation by Dorothy Miller, plus photos of two bags in
  Dorothy's collection.

Van Reesema, E. Siewertsz, Egyptisch Vlechtwerk [Egyptian Lace], V. Holkema   
   & Warendorf's, Uitg-My.N.V. Amsterdam, N.D. 48pp.  [Instructions included, 
   with photos.  Also photos of currently interlaced pieces from classes.  
   This is what we now call Sprang.] 

------,  "Old Egyptian Lace", Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, n.d.

------, Contribution to the Early History of Textile Technics,
   Verhandelingen der Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen te Amsterdam,
   Afdeeling Letterkunde New Series 26:2, Amsterdam (1926), 78pp. [About
   twining (tablet weaving), sprang, etc.] 

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