Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild Library Catalog
September 2013

Braids and Bands

Andersen, Paulli: Brik Vaevning; Borgen, 1967. (B-AND)
Atwater, Mary Meigs: Byways in Hand-Weaving; The Macmillan Company, 1954. (B-ATW)
Austin, Robert J.: Manual of fingerweaving; Crazy Crow Trading Post, 2000. (B-AUS)
Berlin, Shirley and Macgregor, Ruth, (editors): Threads that move: proceedings of the Second International Conference on Braiding; Gipping Press, 2012. (B-BER)
Bress, Helene: Inkle Weaving; Flower Valley Press, 1990. (B-BRE)
Bress, Helene -- Parker, Elinor (Ed.): Inkle Weaving (hard cover); Charles Scribner's Sons, 1975. (B-BRE)
Cahlander, Adele: Sling Braiding of the Andes; Weaver's Journal Monograph IV, 1980. (B-CAH)
Collingwood, Peter: Techniques of Tablet Weaving, The; Watson-Guptill, 1982. (B-COL)
Crockett, Candace; Lawrence Duke (Illustrator): Card Weaving; Watson-Guptill Publications, 1973. (B-CRO)
Englund, Sonja Berlin: Tablet weaving - in true Nordic fashion [Brickvavning - sa in I Norden: vad ska du gora med alla band?]; Brckvavnad, 1994. (B-ENG)
Gray, Herbi: On-loom Cardweaving: A Modern Extension of an Ancient Craft; Herbi Gray, 1982. (B-GRA)
Groff, Russell E.: Card weaving: complete instructions plus 53 patterns for card weaving or tablet weaving; Robin & Russ Handweavers, 1969. (B-GRO)
Hald, Margrethe: Brikvaevning; Glydendalske Boghandel, 1932. (B-HAL)
Leet, Kris; Malan, Linda: The willful pursuit of complexity: rediscovering the Vacant-Hole Technique, the Hofdi and Uvdal tablet woven bands; Seattle Weavers Guild, 2004. (B-LEE)
Owen, Rodrick: Braids: 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru & Beyond; Interweave Press, 1995. (B-OWE)
Snow, Marjorie and Snow, William: Step-by-step tablet weaving; Golden Press, 1973. (B-SNO)
Snow, Marjorie and William: Step by Step Tablet Weaving : An Introduction to the Art of Creative Tablet Weaving; Golden Press, Western Publishing Company, Inc., (C)1973. (B-SNO)
Specht, Sally and Rawlings, Sandra: Creating with card weaving: a simple, non-loom technique; Crown Publishers, 1973. (B-SPE)
Speiser, Noémi Speiser: Manual of Braiding, The; Noémi Speiser, 1983. (B-SPE)
Spies, Nancy: Ecclesiastical pomp & aristocratic circumstance: a thousand years of brocaded tabletwoven bands; Arelete Studio, Jarrettsville, Maryland, 2000. (B-SPI)
Tad, Makiko and Hamada, Hiroyuki: Space, time and Braid; Texte, Inc, 2007. (B-TAD)
Tidball, Harriet: Textile structure and analysis: a home study course in twelve lessons card weaving; Shuttle Craft Guild, HTH Publishers, 1966 . (B-TID)
Tidball, Harriet: Weaving Inkle Bands (Monograph; 27); Shuttle Craft Bks Inc, 1969. (B-TID)
Trotzig, Liv: Weaving Bands; Van Nostrand Reinhold Co, 1974. (B-TRO)
Turner, Alta R.: Finger weaving: Indian braiding; Sterling Pub Co., 1973. (B-TUR)

Braids and Bands - Ephemera

Allen, Laura Graves; Breunig, Robert; Herold, Joyce; Tanner, Clara Lee: Basket Weavers, The : Artisans of the Southwest; Museum of Northern Arizona, 1984. (Bx-ALL)
Burnham, Dorothy: Cut My Cote; Royal Ontario Museum, Textile Department, 1973. (Bx-BUR)
Franquemont, Ed: Introduction to Andean pickup weaving, An; , 1984?. (Bx-FRA)
Gick, James E.: Rugs - Braided & Hooked; , . (Bx-GIC)
Hald, Margrethe: Brikvaevning; Gyldendalske Boghandel, 1932. (Bx-HAL)
Harvey, Virginia I: Split-ply twining (Threads in action monograph series ; issue 1); HTH Publishers, 1976. (Bx-HAR)
Hendrickson, Linda: Great Scot! A beginner's guide to Ply-Split braids in Single-Course Oblique Twining; Linda Hendrickson, 2000. (Bx-HEN)
Kliot, Jules and Kliot, Kaethe: Kumi himo: techniques of Japanese plaiting; Some Place Publications, 1977. (Bx-KLI)
Luebben, Craig: Knots for Climbers; Chockstone Pressd, 1995. (Bx-LUE)
Quick, Betsy D.; Stein, Judith A.: Ply-Split Camel Girths of West India; Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, (C)1982. (Bx-QUI)
Seymour, Betty: Off the Loom Weaving : Instructions for 17 Projects; GayleMot Publishing, Huntington Beach, CA, 1977. (Bx-SEY)
Tidball, Harriet: Contemporary Costume: Strictly Handwoven; Shuttle Craft Guild, 1968. (Bx-TID)


Adrosko, Rita J.: Natural Dyes in the United States; Smithsonian Institution Press, 1968. (C-ADR)
Adrosko, Rita J.: Natural dyes in the United States; Smithsonian Institution Press, 1968. (C-ADR)
Akiyama, Seiko -- Nakamura, Ann K. (translator): Dye Plants of Awa : The Color of Tears -- and additional notes on dyeing; Dai-Ichi Publishing Co., Inc., Tokushima, Japan, 1996. (C-AKI)
Albers, Josef: Interaction of Color; Yale University Press, 1975. (C-ALB)
Allen, Jeanne: Designer's Guide to Color: 3; Chronicle Books, 1986. (C-DES)
Ash, Beryl; Dyson, Anthony: Introducing Dyeing and Printing; Batsford; New York, Watson Guptil, 1970. (C-ASH)
Biegeleisen, J I: Screen Printing; , . (C-BIE)
Birren, Faber: Creative Color; Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1977. (C-BIR)
Birren, Faber: Textile Colorist, The; Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1980. (C-BIR)
Brito, Karren: Shibori: Creating Color and Texture on Silk; Watson-Guptill, 2002. (C-BRI)
Bryan, Nonabah G.: Navajo native dyes: their preparation and use; U.S. Department of the Interior, 1940. (C-BRY)
Chijiiwa, Hideaki: Professor, Musashino College of Art: Color Harmony: A Guide to Creative Color Combinations; Chilton Book Company, 1987. (C-CHI)
Colton, Mary-Russell F.: Hopi Dyes; The Museum of Northern Arizona, 1965. (C-COL)
Grierson, Su: Colour Cauldron; Charles T Branford, 1986. (C-GRI)
Hahn, Susanne: Complete Guide to Silk Painting, A; Search Press, 1992. (C-HAH)
Kinsey, Anthony: Introducing Screen Printing; , . (C-KIN)
Knutson, Linda: Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers; Interweave Press, 1986. (C-KNU)
Kramer, Jack: Natural dyes: plants & processes; Charles Scribner's Sons, 1972. (C-KRA)
Krevitsky, Nik: Batik Art and Craft; Reinhold Pub. Corp., 1964. (C-KRE)
Lambert, Patricia; Staepelaere, Barbara; Fry, Mary G: Color and Fiber; Schiffer Publishing, 1986. (C-LAM)
Mallinson, Jane et al: H'mong Batik, A Textile Technique from Laos; Seattle?, 1988. (C-MAL)
Marsh, Roger: Silk Screen Printing for the Artist; Tiranti, 1968. (C-MAR)
Miller, Dorothy: Indigo from Seed to Dye; Indigo Pr, 1982. (C-MIL)
Namislow, Ulrichadolf: Color accordion: color design tool; Vertag Niggli, 2008. (C-NAM)
Proud, Nora: Textile Printing and Dyeing; Reinhold, 1965. (C-PRO)
Robinson, Stuart; Robinson, Patricia: Exploring Fabric Printing; Mills & Boon; [Newton, Mass], . (C-ROB)
Schetky, EthelJane; Woodward, Carol H. (Eds.): Dye Plants and Dyeing -- A Handbook; Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY, 1968/1970. (C-SCH)
Searle, Valerie; Clayson, Roberta: Screen Printing on Fabric; Studio Vista; New York, Watson-Guptill, . (C-SEA)
Stockton, James: Designer's Guide to Color: 1; Chronicle Books, 1984. (C-DES)
Stockton, James: Designer's Guide to Color 2; Chronicle Books, 1985. (C-DES)
Tidball, Harriet: Color and Dyeing; , 1965. (C-TID)
Wilcox, Michael: Blue and yellow don't make green; or how to mix the colour you really want--everytime; North Light Books, 1994. (C-WIL)
Wipplinger, Michele (Ed.): Color Trends [A Collection of the Publication by Michele Wipplinger]; Michele Wipplinger, . (C-WIP)
Wolfrom, Joen: Color play: easy steps to imaginative color in quilts; C&T Publishing, 2000. (C-WOL)
  : Collection of Notes on Indigo Dyeing and Dye Vats; , . (C-COL)
  : Color sourcebook: a complete guide to using color in patterns; over 500 patterns in three distinct color schemes: natural, orietal, high-tech; Rockport Publishers, 1989. (C-COL)
  : Color sourcebook II: a complete guide to contemporary color schemes; over 500 patterns in three vivid color schemes: pop, retro-modern, postmodern; Rockport Publishers, 1989. (C-COL)
  : Grumbacher Color Compass : An Illustrated Guide for Color Mixing and Selection, Color Theory and Harmony; M. Grumbacher, Inc., (C)1972. (C-GRU)
  : Procion Dyes Dyeing; Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Dyestuffs Division, 1966. (C-PRO)

Color - Ephemera

Furry, Margaret S. and Viemont, Bess M.: Home dyeing with natural dyes; United States Department of Agriculture, 1935. (Cx-FUR)
Merrill, Ruth Robertson and Haight, Barbara McCabe: Barbara 'n me on lichening and learning; Sherwood Press, 1975. (Cx-MER)
Osburn, Bernice B.: Homecraft course in Pennsylvania German Spinning and Dyeing; Mrs. C. Naaman Keyser, 1945. (Cx-OSB)
Thresh, Robert & Christine: Introduction to Natural Dyeing, An; Threshold, 1973. (Cx-THR)
Weigle, Palmy, Ed.: Natural Plant Dyeing: A Handbook; Plants and Gardens: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1973. (Cx-WEI)


Adelson, Laurie and Tracht, Arthur: Aymara Weavings: ceremonial textiles of colonial and 19th century Bolivia; Smithsonian Institution, 1983. (E-ADE)
Allen, Peter; Smith, Joyce R.; Koster, Joan Bouza: Female Costume of Sarakatsani; Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology Brown Uni, 1985. (E-ALL)
Amsden, Charles Avery: Navaho Weaving: Its Technic and Its History; The Rio Grande Press, Inc. (first published in 1934), 1974. (E-AMS)
Anderson, Marilyn: Guatemalan textiles today; Watson-Guptill Publications, 1978. (E-AND)
Appleton, Le Roy H.: American Indian design and decoration; Dover Publications, 1971. (E-APP)
Arts of Asia, Magazine: Primitive art in Asia; Arts of Asia, 1980. (E-ART)
Ascher, Marcia and Robert: Code of the Quipu: A Study in Media, Mathematics, and Culture; University of Michigan Press, 1981. (E-ASC)
Atol, Esin: Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, The; H. Abrams, 1987. (E-ATO)
Bahti, Tom: Southwestern Indian Tribes; KC Publications, Las Vegas, NV, 1971. (E-BAH)
Bain, Robert: Clans and Tartans of Scotland, The; Collins: London and Glasgow, ?. (E-BAI)
Barber, Elizabeth Wayland: Mummies of Urumchi, The; W. W. Norton & Company, 1999. (E-BAR)
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Bennett, Noël: Designing with the Wool : Advanced Techniques in Navajo Weaving; Northland Press, Flagstaff, AZ, (C)1979. (E-BEN)
Bennett, Noël; Bighorse, Tiana: Working with the Wool : How to Weave a Navajo Rug; Northland Press, Flagstaff, AZ, 1979. (E-BEN)
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Bird, Junius Bouton: Paracas fabrics and Nazca needlework, 3rd century B.C.-3rd century A.D.; National Publishing, 1954. (E -ONE)
Blomberg, Nancy J: Navajo Textiles: The William Randolph Hearst Collection; University of Arizona Press, 1988. (E-BLO)
Brasser, Ted J.: A basketful of Indian culture change; National Museums of Canada, 1975. (E-BRA)
Brasser, Ted J.: "Bo'jou, Neejee!": profiles of Canadian Indian art; National Museum of Man, Ottawa, 1976. (E-BRA)
Breuer, Alice Putnam: Guatemalan textiles: Prentiss N. Gray collection; Mills College, CA, 1942. (E-BRE)
Broden, Marta; Ingers, Gertrud: Trasmattor: och andra mattor; ICA-Forlaget, 1959. (E-BRO)
Brommer, Bea: Rediscovery of Pre-Columbian textiles; Lamandart, 1994. (E-BRO)
Brown, Ian W.: The Hall of the North American Indian: change and continuity; Peabody Museum Press, Harvard University, 1990. (E-BRO)
Cahlander, Adele; Cason, Marjorie: Art of Bolivian Highland Weaving, The; Watson-Guptill Publications, 1976. (E-CAH)
Cahlander, Adele with Suzanne Baizerman: Double-woven treasures from old Peru; Dos Tejedoras , 1985. (E-CAH)
Callanaupa Alvarez, Nilda -- Preface by Wade Davis: Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands : Dreaming Patterns, Weaving Memoires.; Center for Traditional Textiles, 2007. (E-CAL)
Campbell, Tyrone and Kopp, Joel and Kate: Navajo pictorial weaving 1850-1950: folk art images of Native Americans; Dutton Studios, 1991. (E-CAM)
Coe, Ralph T.: Sacred circles: two thousand years of North American Indian art; Arts Council of Great Britain, 1976. (E-COE)
Cole, Herbert M.; Aniakor, Chike C.: Igbo Arts: Community and Cosmos; Univ of California Museum of, 1984. (E-COL)
Cole, Thomas: Dream weavers: textile art from the Tibetan Plateau; Times Edition, 2004. (E-COL)
Conn, Richard: Native American art in the Denver Art Museum; Denver Art Museum, 1979. (E-CON)
Conn, Richard: Robes of white shell and sunrise: personal decorative arts of the Native American; Denver Art Museum, Nov, 9, 1974-Jan. 19, 1975. (E-CON)
Cootner, Cathryn M. -- Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco: Anatolian Kilims: The Caroline & H. McCoy Jones Collection; Hali Publications, London, 1991. (E-COO)
Cordry, Donald Bush: Costumes and textiles of the Aztec Indians of the Cuetzlan region, Puebla, Mexico; Southwest Museum, 1940. (E-COR)
Cordry, Donald Bush: Costumes and weaving of the Zoque Indians of Chiapas, Mexico; Southwest Museum, 1941 . (E-COR)
Cordry, Donald Bush: Mexican Indian costumes; University of Texas Press, 1968. (E-COR)
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