close up image of a triple weave band from Bolivia

Triple-weave band from Bolivia

Santa Cruz Textile Arts Guild: Useful Links to Textile Sites

The Conference of Northern California Handweavers

The website of The Conference of Northern California Handweavers, CNCH, includes a very comprehensive list of links. Some of the more local links are duplicated here to give you quicker access. We also have listed a few links here that do not appear on the CNCH site.

CNCH publishes a quarterly e-journal. You can read it on the CNCH website at .

Guild Member Web Sites

Gudrun Polak:

Jill Sanders:

Lorri Scott:

Annie MacHale:

Guild member Nora Rogers wrote this article, Twining Demo, Nov. 2007 when she demonstrated this technique for the Guild braids study group.

If you are a member of the guild and wish to add your web site this this section, please contact the guild webmaster (listed in your roster) directly or you can use the guild email.

Links to Textile Events

Weave A Real Peace, WARP , hosts an annual meeting to bring textile scholars, community developers, students and fiber activists together around the theme of Blending Tradition and Textiles. Opportunities for education, networking and renewing relationships make this a unique opportunity for fiber enthusiasts from across the country and around the world.

The Conference of Northern California Handweavers, CNCH, is an organization of the guilds of Northern California. The CNCH website maintains a listing of many of the textile related events, lectures and activities being offered around the Bay Area. We encourage you to check the CNCH website for a broad range of events and news from the member guilds.

The Textile Arts Council is a support group of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, created to advance the appreciation of the Museums&prime textile and costume collections within the Bay Area community. TAC offers lecture programs, visits to working artists&prime studios, hands-on workshops, and international travel opportunities.

Buy and Sell Equipment and Fibers

The Guild does not currently list items for sale on this website but will be happy include information about your item in our weekly email update to the membership. Please send information with a full description, email, and phone contact information to the guild e-mail address. We will be happy to include a photograph if you send a digital image.

There are websites that list spinning and weaving tools as well as fibers for sale. One is Spinners', Weavers', and Knitters' Housecleaning Pages. There is a great deal of information on this website so you will have to look for the links to the pages you want to either shop for tools and fibers or to contact them to post items you wish to sell.


The Conference of Northern California Handweavers, This site includes links to member guilds, member's home pages, classes, comprehensive supplier's list, and much more.

The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.,

The Lace Museum, , Sunnyvale, CA.

The Textile Arts Council,, in the de Young Museum, San Francisco.

The Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies,, in Tucson, AZ is focused on Southwest weaving.

The Textile Museum, in Washington, DC

Complex Weavers,

Central Coast Weavers Guild, in San Luis Obispo

The Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds,

The Center for Traditional Textiles, in Cusco, Peru. This organization was started by Nilda Callanaupa. It maintains a reciprocal relationship with weavers in Peruvian villages, providing them with a place to stay in Cusco while they demonstrate and sell their traditional textiles, and organizational support for weavers in the communities.

Fundación Chol-Chol, An organization of traditional Mapuche weavers promoting the recovery of ancient weaving techniques and natural dyes. Their work is developed under Fair Trade regulations ensuring a fair price for the craftswomen offering a non-profit support.

Mexican Indigenous Textiles Project, This is a project of Robert Freund to document indigenous Mexican textiles from 300 villages with photos of the textiles, people wearing the textiles, village life and surrounding environment.

The Thread Project, is Terry Helwig's (artist organizer) World Soul Project: One World, One Cloth. "Weaving a social fabric that celebrates diversity, encourages tolerance and promotes compassionate community." [Suggested by Dana Thompson.]

Textile Web Sites

Interweave Press,, is the publisher of Handwoven Magazine, Spin Off Magazine and books on weaving.

Selvedge, is innovative and beautiful textile magazine with an international focus. You can view an issue online.

Weavershand, is a comprehensive web site for card weaving, Inkle weaving, kumihimo braiding and ply-splitting.

On the University of Arizona website there is an on-line digital archive of documents on weaving and related topics, This site contains publications in PDF format on weaving, woven textiles, looms, textile manufacture, spinning, dyeing, fibers, pattern design, lace, and basketry. If you've had trouble finding a publication in library or book store, check out this site.

Fiberscene,, is an artist resource and fine art gallery specializing in San Francisco Bay Area Fiber Art with a goal toward education, exhibition and sales.

The American Tapestry Alliance,, was begun in 1968 by Hal Painter and Jim Brown. This organization has grown to host a Biannale, support education and study groups, maintain a slide registry of its members and maintain archives of the history of tapestry.


Pacific Textile Arts is an organization dedicated to all aspects of the study and fabrication of textiles. PTA is run entirely by a group of generous volunteers who live on the Mendocino Coast in the vicinity of Fort Bragg, California.

Mendocino Art Center, offers workshops in textile art as well as other art mediums. As of 2012 the Mendocino Art Center is winding down their textile program and offering fewer classes.

Pacific Northwest Art School, formerly the Coupeville Arts Center, offers numerous art workshops and classes including a broad offering of textile arts workshops on Whidby Island, WA.

Commercial Web Sites

The Swift Stitch, sells knitting and weaving yarns, classes in kitting, felting, crocheting. 402 Ingalls St. #12, Santa Cruz, 831-427-9276. The Swift Stitch offers a 10% discount to Guild members.

The Golden Fleece, sells looms, weaving supplies and offers classes. 303 Potrero Street., Suite 29-101, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Phone: 831 426-1425 or 800 528-5647.

Interesting Sites We Have Heard About

This page of links to many textile and fiber related webpages is hosted on a commercial site.